Site Layout and Inventory:
We will come to your property to measure, take elevations, take inventory and take photographs of your property to help layout an accurate base plan.  At this point, we will need a copy of your survey for boundary purposes.  We will also contact your town regarding any specific municipal regulations that have to be considered. 

Concept Design:
You will receive a full color rendered copy of the concept plan, which will be to scale.  This drawing will not be a construction plan, however, it will be detailed enough to allow you to see what is being proposed on your property.  We will have a meeting to go over the plans on your property.  After feedback, budgets will be provided before finalization of the plans to allow you to get a feel for the overall cost of the project. 

Backyard conceptual design including (but not limited to):
• Driveway
• Patio
• Pool
• Retaining Wall / Terrace Layout
• Step Design
• Deck
• Fire Pit / Fireplace

Final Plans:
Hardscape Plan:
Black and white plan showing all patios, walls, steps, pools, ect. with elevations. Drainage, materials, layout, zoning information and other details will be displayed on this plan.
Construction details will be provided for fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. Further details needed will be billed at an hourly rate of $75.00

Landscape Plan:
Black and white plans showing all landscape elements with each plant labeled and lawn areas defined. Each plant will be labeled with a code that relates to a plant list that will be given with botanical names, common names and quantities of plant.
Plans include one meeting to go over concepts at your property and one meeting to go over final drawing.

Optional Design Development Services, if Needed:

  • Perspective Sketch (Optional but Recommended) - a fully rendered sketch of a certain area of your property and what it will look like after construction (according to the concepts presented.) This drawing is recommended for anyone who may have trouble visualizing their property from a plan and/or anyone who wants to truly understand the feel of their project.
  • Lighting Plan (Optional) - a plan based upon the Final Master Plans showing locations and types of landscape light fixtures. This will not include a wiring plan.

Time Schedule:
Preparation for these drawing will begin as soon as a retainer is received. Site work and analysis will be scheduled within 2 weeks of signing the contract and receipt of deposit. You will not need to be present during site work.  Concept Plans will be presented within approximately one to two weeks after site work.