Homeowners can greatly benefit from the use of a professional landscape designer when considering what to do with the outside of their home.
Landscape designers can provide expertise on a wide variety of landscaping subjects that can improve both a new or an existing house. Herold's
Landscaping and Garden Center has a landscape designer on staff to assist you with the exploration of ideas and planning of your landscape.

A landscape designer can provide valuable insight into aspects such as plant selection, plant spacing, plant growth habits, site requirements, and
plant needs. Selection of the right plant for the right location can take training and practice. Designers can also help with plant care requirements
and reduce maintenance. Herold's Landscaping and Garden Center has a landscape designer on staff to assist you in exploring your ideas and
making valuable recommendations.

A good designer listens carefully to your ideas and concerns. He will then make recommendations based on your ideas and the site conditions.
After that, he prepares a landscape plan based on the discussion. The landscape plan is done from scratch and incorporates your ideas and
preferences. A plan for implementation is prepared including the costs to install the entire project or segments of the project if you choose to do
the project in stages. When the plan is finished, the customer reviews and accepts it. With the landscape plan prepared and reviewed, there is less possibility of errors and problems arising from miscommunication.

There are several recognized elements of a good landscape design. Following these principles helps to ensure a unique design that blends well
into the surrounding property. Line, mass, texture, color, planes, space, balance, form, and sequence are a few of the important aspects to consider
for best results. These guidelines are often overlooked. Homeowners end up settling for a simple front foundation planting instead of a much more
interesting and unusual appearance. An improved layout does not necessarily need to cost more than the basic front foundation planting.

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