One of the biggest frustrations of gardeners is deer browsing on plants. Deer-resistant plants are those trees and shrubs that the deer do not prefer to eat. When deer resistant shrubs are used in the landscape, unsightly fences or costly sprays are not necessary to keep deer away from valuable plants. Herold's Landscaping and Garden Center specializes in colorful, deer resistant plants.

Color in the landscape is achieved through the use of perennials, ornamental grasses, and flowering shrubs and trees. Perennials flower brilliantly and come back year after year. Examples of colorful, deer resistant perennials are Astilbe, Coreopsis, Dicentra, Echinacea, Sedum, and Veronica. Many perennials flower for several weeks or more.

Three to four seasons of color can be achieved in the landscape by selecting plants that bloom at staggered times. When one set of plants has finished its bloom cycle, another has begun to take its place. Color can also be strengthened using pockets of plants that have distinctive colored foliage. Blue Star Juniper, Gold Thread Cypress, and Leucothoe have attractive, deer resistant, year-round foliage.

Many perennials bloom for long periods and thrive year after year. Ornamental grasses are an excellent compliment to perennials. Like perennials, ornamental grasses are also deer resistant. Ornamental grasses and perennials can add a colorful, airy texture to any landscape. Morning Lights Miscanthus, Zebra Grass, Flame Grass, and Dwarf Maiden Grass are a few examples of hardy ornamental grasses that return each year.

Flowering shrubs such as Potentilla, Spirea, Viburnum, Weigela, and Andromeda offer relatively long bloom times and are also deer resistant. Weeping Cherry, Magnolia, and Dogwood are Spring blooming trees that make attractive additions to many residential landscapes.

There are many varieties of plants that are resistant to deer browsing. These deer resistant plants may contain properties that deter deer from nibbling such as a distasteful flavor or odor, small thorns, sharp leaves or branches. The properties that make these plants unappealing to deer do not necessarily adversely impact humans or domesticated pets. Herold's Landscaping and Garden Center specializes in plants that are deer resistant. They have display areas filled with landscape solutions and practical ideas for the average home. A landscape designer is on staff to assist you in exploring you ideas and making valuable recommendations. We can help you select deer resistant plants that have complimentary colors and textures. Deer resistance is an important characteristic in the survivability of your plants.

Although the selection of plants may be somewhat limited, the use of deer resistant plants greatly reduces the cost of the loss of plants eaten by the deer. The use of deer resistant plants also reduces or eliminates the need for awkward and costly fences and of the burden of continually reapplying deer repellent to your plants. Many deer resistant shrubs offer seasonal color and a variety of textures.

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