One of the best uses of a designer's skills is to create a master plan of the overall property. Just as an architect designs the house, a landscape designer plans the areas around the house. Once the master plan is prepared and reviewed by the customer, it can be implemented in stages, if desired.

The installation of stages of a master plan can be completed over the course of several months or a couple of years, depending on budget. Doing the work in stages based on a master plan gives overall guidance to the installer. The installer has a clear idea where his work fits into the completed project. As the work progresses it is extremely valuable to be able to refer to the master plan. When the work is broken down into stages based on a overall plan, each piece of the project can be done in meaningful segments that do not infringe on components that have been completed or are still to come.

A landscape designer can provide valuable insight into plant selection, plant spacing, plant growth habits, site requirements, and plant needs. Selection of the right plant for the right location takes training and practice. Designers can also help with plant care requirements and reduce maintenance.

Many landscapes lack year round interest. A landscape designer can recommend plants that will have three to four seasons of color. Color can come in the form of the brilliance of perennials, the multi tones of ornamental grasses, as well as the blue, yellow, red, or green colors on the leaves of shrubs. Many shrubs hold their foliage year-round to provide Winter interest. In addition to color, designers consider complimentary textures, focal areas, and levels of height or layers as other important aspects of the landscape.

There are several recognized elements of a good landscape design. Line, mass, texture, color, planes, space, balance, form, and sequence are a few of the important aspects to consider for best results. These guidelines are often overlooked. Homeowners end up settling for a simple front foundation planting instead of a much more interesting and unusual appearance. An improved layout does not necessarily need to cost more than the basic front foundation planting.

Based on a designer's master plan, the installation of the project can be done by the homeowner or a qualified landscape contractor. Herold's Landscaping and Garden Center supplies quality components needed for outdoor rooms and other gardening items for the do-it-yourselfer. Blueprinting capabilities are available with most landscape designs to help customers visualize the landscape before it is installed. We also offer installation of projects.

To get the most out of your landscape design, contact a landscape designer in an off-peak time. The Winter months tend to be the least busy for designers, and are, therefore, a good time to start planning your landscapes. Further, if the plans are completed early, work can be started and completed early in the Spring as well.

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