Design and proposal preparation:
  • Professionally prepare the proposal, usually within 1 week.
  • Inform the customer of the design process.
  • Receive competent, realistic, professional expertise.
  • Our designers are prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable.
  • Return calls and answer questions promptly.
  • Actual samples and layouts of the materials are available in our outdoor showroom.
  • Schedule work promptly.
  • Inform the customer of our warranty and how it works.
  • Inform the customer of any work he is expected to do before or after our work is completed.
Performance of the work:
  • Begin the project on the scheduled day and time.
  • Finish the project when predicted or sooner.
  • Complete the project in a prompt, courteous, thorough, professional manner.
  • Complete the project according to accepted industry and horticultural standards.
  • Inform the customer of any extra charges.
  • Notify the customer of any delays due to weather, etc.
  • Charge only the amounts agreed to on the proposal(s) and change order(s).
  • Prepare a prompt, accurate, complete, professional invoice.
What We Will Do:
  • Request a utility markout.
  • Clean debris off of driveway and walkways.
  • Pickup work related garbage.
  • Collect all tools.
  • Storage of materials on the job site will be placed in a specified area.
  • Company vehicles will be parked on driveway, or on street, or specified area.
  • Apply grass seed and evenly spread hay over work area. Removal of hay is not included.
  • Remove any left over materials.
  • Sweep 1 application of sand into joints of the pavers and leave some sand for the customer.
  • The Crew Leader will review the project with the customer at the beginning and end of the job.
What We Ask of You:
  • Set aside approximately 1-2 hours on two separate days to review the work to be done and our proposal, plans, and Outdoor Showroom.
  • Provide daily watering as detailed on the Plant & Tree Care Instructions and/or the Lawn Care Improvements.
  • Obtain any necessary governmental permits and/or approvals and pay any related fees.
  • Review the project with the Crew Leader at the beginning and end of the job.
  • Park vehicles in the street not blocking access to the work area.
  • Provide an outdoor outlet.
  • Provide an outdoor garden hose.
  • Provide an area for storage of tools and materials.
  • The work area should be free from the work of other contractors and materials.
  • Inspect the materials upon delivery.
  • Inspect the layout of the materials.
  • Please keep children and pets out of work area during construction.
  • Pay all design fees and fees per the proposal upon completion.

Occasionally, due to unanticipated weather delays, materials shortages, equipment problems, and strikes beyond our control, we may have to deviate from one or more of the items above. We pledge to keep the customer informed of any such changes so that the project can be started and completed according to your expectations.

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