Creating outdoor rooms is the newest concept in landscape design. Outdoor rooms are segments of the landscape designed to separate, to seclude, and to provide intimate areas for relaxation. Each room flows from one to the next. The average home can greatly benefit from this concept.

Instead of planting simply along the base of the house, use the concept of outdoor rooms to bring the planting into the rest of the landscape. When this is done it creates more of a three dimensional feel to the space. Planting that encompasses the entire yard reduces traffic noise from the street, provides additional privacy without the use of unsightly fences, and creates a garden space to be enjoyed through several seasons. Herold's Landscaping and Garden Center specializes in designing and creating outdoor rooms.

Outdoor rooms are intended to be an extension of the rooms inside your home. Just as rooms inside your house have different functions, each outdoor room has its own purpose that ties into the overall design. A costly addition to your house is not necessary and your property becomes a valuable new living space. Outdoor rooms provide the transition from the street to the interior of your house. Outdoor rooms can make the most out of any size property from the smallest to the largest. Herold's Landscaping and Garden Center has outdoor rooms on display.

By using this technique, visual elements are provided that create the feeling of an outdoor living space. Outdoor rooms can have a floor, ceiling, walls and doorways. Light enters the room to accentuate the roomís design at different times of the day. Depending on the type of room, it may incorporate a children's play area, a gathering place, a sitting area, or a workspace. Entry to a room can be created by the use of tall, thin plants to form a passageway or low plants highlighted with a few taller ones to form the entrance.

Creating the layout for outdoor rooms takes the skill of a landscape designer. Just as an architect designs the house, a landscape designer plans the areas around the house. One of the best uses of a designer's skills is to create a master plan of the overall property. Once the master plan is prepared and reviewed by the customer, it can be implemented in stages, if desired. Herold's Landscaping and Garden Center has a landscape designer on staff to assist you in exploring your ideas and making valuable recommendations.

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